GEN CON 2013 Important Dates and Pricing Information

 GEN CON 2013

The Best Four Days In Gaming

Gen Con Indy 2013: Roll for Initiative

Important Dates and Pricing Information
for Gen Con Indy 2013

Hello! It’s been some time since the last Gen Con Newsletter, and we have important new dates and updates to share with you!

Gen Con Indy 2013 is less than 270 days away, and as a Gen Con fan, you know that preparing for the Best Four Days in Gamingis part of the experience. Whether pre-registering to save yourself cash on your badge, booking your lodging early, or taking vacation from work or school to attend, early preparation for Gen Con Indy can make the experience even better!

Key 2013 Dates:

  • Gen Con Indy 2013 Comes to the Indiana Convention Center on August 15-18. Trade Day will take place on Wednesday, August 14.
  • Badge Pre-Registration Begins on January 27, at Noon Eastern Standard Time on
  • Online Volunteer Deadlines Include May 31 for Apprentices and June 28 for Pages.
  • Badge Pre-Registration Ends June 29.
  • The Last Day for Cancellations Will Be July 1.
  • Badge Registration Begins June 30.
  • Hotel Registration Concludes July 22 (last chance to get on Wait List or book through Gen Con Housing Block)
  • Online Registration Closes August 18.

Long-time attendees will note that Event Submissions, Event Catalog Posting, and Event Registration dates are not listed above. Information regarding those dates will be made available soon, in a future newsletter. VIG registration and key dates also will be released shortly. 

Regarding pricing for next year, costs should look very similar for our returning attendees.

Prices for: 

  • Four-Day Badges Will Be $70 during Pre-Registration and $80 during Registration.
  • One-Day Badges (Thurs-Sat.) Will Be $40 during Pre-Registration and $50 during Registration.
  • One-Day Badges (Sun.) Will Be $30.
  • VIG Badges Will Be $540 with a Discounted Renewal Price of $490.
  • Trade Day Badges Will Be $110 during Pre-Registration and $140 during Registration.
  • Family Fun Day Badges for a Family of Four Will Be $30. Families may opt instead for the Family Fun Day Package offering four badges and eight generic tickets for $40.

Wow! That’s a lot of information! Expect even more before year end!

To get even more updates, check out Gen Con Indy’s Facebook page here.


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